Split, the second largest city of Croatia and the Capital of the region of Dalmatia, lies in the center of the eastern shore of the Adriatic sea. Thanks to it’s rich historic and cultural heritage, it has became one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, for both leisure and business travellers. The city was “born” from the Palace of Diocletian, a Roman emperor who found his retirement retreat near the place where he was born. During the last centuries of the Roman Empire, refugees found shelter within the safe walls of the Palace that was built as a fortification. History of the region was a very turbulent one, and Split has changed masters through history.

Old part of Split is situated on a peninsula, between the eastern part of the Gulf of Kaštela and the Split Channel. At the western part of this peninsula, Marjan hill rises above the city, as one of the city’s landmarks and symbols.

Split is blessed with the mild Mediterranean climate, having hot, moderately dry summers and mild winters that may sometimes seem colder then the thermometer shows, due to the north-eastern wind “bura”. Snow in Split is a very rare event, happening maybe once in ten years, producing a lot of joy to the children that can enjoy the day in snow and off the school. One of the blessings of Split are more then 2600 annual hours of sunshine.

New, modern hotels, as well as the unique surroundings of Split, provide ideal scenery for your vacation, team building, business event or a congress.

Split has a modern airport with frequent connection to most of the major airline hubs of Europe and beyond, but also, during the period between April and October, daily connections with the most of the European cities by low cost airlines.

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