National park Plitvice Lakes is the oldest National Park in Croatia. This unique natural area was the site of the prehistoric settlements, and an old fortification if the Illyrian tribe Japodi was found on the site. Plitvice Lakes were scientifically studied in the 19th century for the first time, and have provided an inspiration to the botanists, archeologists and scientists ever since. Plitvice are always the same, but always different at the same time. This is also a natural habitat for Plitvice’s trademark – the brown bear. More then 1200 plant species were recorded inside the Park, as well as 157 bird species with some species dependent exclusively on clean aquatic habitats. In order to preserve the natural balance, number of visitors is limited, as when once destroyed, such beauty can never be restored again.

Traditionally crafted mills and sawmills driven by the power of water, are especially valuable among the traditional buildings presented to the visitors.

Hotels and guest houses in the Park as well as the surrounding area, provide comfortable accommodation for the travellers and nature lovers, looking for a unique vacation or maybe a business meeting for up to hundred participants in this unique and healthy surrounding. Tasty, locally grown ingredients based food and traditional specialties shall add a few pounds on you if you do not walk around the Plitvice National Park to burn calories.

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