Dubrovnik, for centuries also known as Ragusa, is a Croatian city at the south of the Adriatic region of Dalmatia. For almost a century, Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the Mediterranean Sea. The prosperity of this Monument – City was for centuries based on maritime trade, achieving the highest level of development during the Renaissance period. At the same time, beyond the economic growth, this maritime Republic grew in science, art and literature as well. Republic of Dubrovnik has preserved it’s liberty and trade rights as well as the protection of the superpowers of those times, by paying annual tribute to their respective rulers. Skillful diplomats as well as traders, emissaries of Dubrovnik were also very successful spies of their times; especially in the department of the industrial espionage. Since a few years ago, Dubrovnik and it’s surroundings became the scenery for the globally famous GAME OF THRONES saga, bringing thousands of G.O.T. followers to Dubrovnik throughout the year.

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