Croatia is a beautiful and a safe country, also known as the “Country of a thousand islands”, located in South-Eastern Europe, and from July 1, 2013. also a member of the European Union. It features numerous natural beauties and is rich in cultural and traditional heritage. The traditional and well-known hospitality of people, affordable prices, warm, crystalline clear blue sea, millennia history cities and idyllic villages, are enjoyable for every individual or a group. Unforgettably beautiful national parks, over 2700 hours of sunshine along the Adriatic, rich modern or traditional, tasty food and splendid wines, entertainment fit for all age groups, make this beautiful country of ours worth visiting. While on team building, conference or a vacation, you shall feel special in a warm and rich Mediterranean setting of Croatia.

Croatia's offer to the visitors is diverse and rich one

Croatia’s offer to the visitors, both business and private, is diverse and rich one, ideal for a tailor made, bespoke event. Depending on your area of interest, beyond business meetings and events, you may enjoy a classic basic holiday tour, include a sailing boat or a luxury yacht for a week at sea. If it is your wish, rural, cultural, religious, adventure, hunting or fishing tour shall be designed to your measure.

Croatia as a destination becomes more and more popular with all of the above, and many airlines see the opportunity to introduce new airline connections every year, ensuring a great traffic link with the most important international airports.

Our team is from Split, Croatia.

Our team is from Split, Croatia. We have traveled and personaly experienced each destination that we suggest in Croatia and rest of the Europe. We use our passion and love for our country, while we create unique events for every company or team that wants to experience Croatia and beyond with the local taste.

Our company VIP TRAVEL DMC & PCO® is a travel agency based in Split, Croatia with over a decade of experience and know how in tourism as an acomplished DMC. Our area of expertise also extends to the countries in the Croatia’s neighbourhood, but our extensive knowledge and experience in the rest of Europe enables us to design a perfect European event for you.


Each business meeting or event in Croatia is planned to fit

Every business meeting or an event in Croatia is personally and meticulously planned to fit your company, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the desired destinations, long term relations to local premium suppliers and the guidelines you insert in one of our questionnaires.

On daily base, we coordinate complex national and international luxury itineraries, covering all factors; transportation, logistics, accommodation, expert local guides and best local gastronomy. All of it combined with our 24/7 support throughout the trip, leads to unique experiences while doing business with VIP TRAVEL DMC & PCO®.


Here are few steps that lead to the perfect experience with your private tour of Croatia:

  • After opening our on line questionnaire, fill in your guidelines; this way you let us know how do you see your ideal trip.
  • Within next 48 hours, we will arrange an initial phone call by a member of our team to make sure we have the best understanding of your specific interests and preferences.
  • We will send you an initial proposal with the provisional budget for it and will expect your feedback on it.
  • Once we have taken in consideration your amendments, we send you our final proposal with final budget and an option for you to confirm it.
  • Upon your final confirmation, you will be invited to pay the deposit, and 30 days before the first service, the balance shall be due for payment.
  • You are welcomed at the first point of the trip and your memorable private tour of Croatia begins; while you have a member of our team as your personal “guardian angel”, available for you 24/7 during the entire trip.
  • Seven days after the tour, you will be sent a review questionnaire in order to help us be the best in business.

Please, request a proposal by filling the guiedelines in the questionare, that shall give us the right direction, and let us craft a perfect proposal for you.

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